About Taste the Town Tours

Taste the Town Tours – Niagara-on-the-Lake – is the first food and culinary tour company in the Niagara Region dedicated to helping visitors and Niagara residents enjoy the best local food and cultural experience off the beaten path.

We began our research by enjoying and appreciating the delicious, local ingredients and diverse venues that exist within the historic town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

We sampled some exceptionally tasty local brewed beers, devoured some of the most exquisite dishes we have ever tasted, and sipped on world renowned Ice Wine from arguably some of the best wineries in the world. These experiences, and many others, inspired us to create Niagara’s finest walking tour given in the prettiest town in Canada.

Taste the Town Tours offers an enchanting walking, tasting and cultural food tour to locals and vacationers from around the world located in an area Niagara Residents call home. While developing our tour, we carefully selected some of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s most reputable and unique establishments who have chosen only the most delightful selections for each and every one of you to savour.

Our friendly and passionate tour leaders are proud to share our historical knowledge and culinary experiences with you. Join us on a 2.5 hour journey that introduces you to the best the town has to offer, opening a historic time capsule of a world just waiting to be explored, one taste at a time!


Taste the Town Tours

Tour Guides of Taste the Town

Bill Hamilton

As a tour guide with Taste the Town Tours for the past three and a half years Bill has gained knowledge in both the culinary field and history of the Niagara area. He receives great satisfaction in meeting people from all over the world and having them share his passion for the wonderful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Bill is proud to work with a select group of vendors who operate not just a business but show their passion and pride for the products they sell.

Bill was born in Niagara Falls, Ontario and now resides just outside of the quaint village of Queenston. He is married with five children and four grandchildren who also keep him busy along with a five year old golden retriever.

Bill is a member of the Niagara on the Lake Writers’ Circle with a long time desire to write and has had some poetry and a short story published. He also submits articles as a freelance writer for the local newspaper. In addition he plays guitar and keyboard in a duo with a friend he grew up with who shares a love of creating music. He recently provided piano and organ background on a song a friend is currently trying to market. Last year he performed the role of John Steinbeck in a production called Awe, Humility and Joy performed at Jackson Triggs Winery.

We are so thrilled to have Bill as part of the Taste the Town team! Check out his raving reviews on Trip Advisor!

Stephanie Rebbetoy-Rozon

Stephanie has worked for Taste the Town Tours since 2013. She brings her enthusiasm for local food and knowledge of the town to every tour. Stephanie went school for Recreation & Leisure Services and working for Taste the Town Tours has combined her two favourite things; walking and eating. Her favourite part about being a tour guide is having the opportunity to show locals and tourists alike what makes Niagara-on-the-Lake such a wonderful place to visit any time of year.

Stephanie has lived in Niagara since 2010. When Stephanie is not touring the town, you can find her at one of the many local farmers markets or food festivals.

Her reviews on trip advisor speak volumes of her enthusiasm and zest for life and she gives 100% to each and every group.  We can’t say enough wonderful things about Stephanie!